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Winter Activities to Keep Seniors Busy in Assisted Living

Art class in assisted living facility in Long Island

The gray and dreary winter months can be enough to diminish anyone’s spirit. The shorter days, lack of sunshine, and bad weather can make it difficult for people, especially seniors, to get out and keep active or even stay motivated to do so. For those living in assisted living in Long Island, however, there are plenty of programs and hobbies to help you stay busy even when the weather is less than ideal. Here are a few winter activities that you can take part in this season to keep you active and healthy in mind, body, and spirit.

Arts and Crafts

One fun way to keep the winter blues away is by taking on a new art or craft project. Painting, pottery, and sewing are all fun ways that you can unleash your creative side, all while staying warm inside. Looking for something a little less challenging and more relaxing? Try out the recent trend of adult coloring books.


There’s no need to go outside to stay active. In fact, there are plenty of types of exercise that you can do while remaining indoors. You can stretch, do yoga, tai chi or swim, or join a mall-walking group. Working out inside is a great way to stay fit, socialize with your friends, and improve your overall well-being. You should also check out the exercise programs offered by your assisted living facility.

Play a Board Game

Board games aren’t just a fun way to pass the time; they can also help to teach you new things and keep your mind sharp. Chess can help you boost your cognitive skills and learn strategy. Scrabble is a fun way to learn new words. Plus, a little healthy competition never hurt anyone. Playing board games with the other residents is a fun way to stay mentally active while getting to know your peers better.


Reading is another great way to stay mentally active when you’re stuck inside during the cold winter. Nothing could be better on a chilly day than curling up by the fire with a good book and a mug of hot cocoa. Reading can even be a fun group activity. You can join or start a book club with the other residents at the assisted living facility.

Senior playing piano at Long Island assisted living center

Garden Indoors

Gardening can be both physically and spiritually fulfilling, but most people think it can only be done during the spring and summer. Even being around greenery can have a therapeutic effect. To enjoy the benefits of gardening even during the cold seasons, you can start your own indoor garden. Place a few houseplants in your room and spend your time taking care of them. You may notice a difference in your mood and attitude right away.

Play a Musical Instrument

Another way to keep busy during the winter is to learn a new skill, such as playing a musical instrument. Though you may never be a rock star, playing music can still be a fun hobby to take up. It can even help to keep your mind active and improve hand-eye coordination. Whether it be the piano, guitar, or even singing, there is no way you can go wrong when bringing music into your life.

There are so many ways that you can keep busy this winter. To learn even more about all of the wonderful programs and activities Oyster Bay Senior Campus offers, contact or visit us today!

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