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A Truly Collaborative Sensory Experience

At Harbor House each activity is well thought out and has a meaningful purpose. A perfect example of this is “The Great Witch Project”!

On each floor of Harbor House residents have different capabilities and levels of cognition. This experience was created to allow each resident, regardless of ability to be a part of creating something “GREAT”.

As you look at each part of our witch take a moment to think of our residents and their experience as they created “Helga the Witch” They made her hands by stuffing the gloves. They were able to experience the sensation of “squishing” material, this was both comforting and stimulating. Her hair was folded in an accordion style fostering the use of fine motor skills and critical thinking. As her hair was crinkled and fluffed they were able to feel the “crunch”. Her eyes feel slick and cool to the touch as her eyelashes give butterfly kisses.

The dress was created by using a plastic table cloth.

The residents used soft wands and felt a sponge like sensation as they pressed down to create the metallic designs. The feeling of lifting and viewing what they had created gave them a repetitive sense of accomplishment. The dress was then stuffed with plastic bags which awakens the sense of touch, sight and sound all at once. After stuffing the dress, they spent time feeling the soft mushy body of our witch, which they found relaxing.

Helga’s hat was given texture by residents ripping paper and layering it with glue and water to give it a glossy effect. Glue and glitter were added in the spaces between the ripped paper shreds. The shiny and glittery elements in the stars, hat, shoes and dress produce an eye catching and visually stimulating experience. Her feathery neckline is interesting to look at. It is tickly as well as soft to the touch.

The use of several different mediums allowed everyone to feel the success of the creation. Paper, glitter and crayons crafted our pumpkins. The leaves were made with water color paint on diffusing paper making an impactive impression as the colors bled and created movement throughout the process. The residents formed her broom by painting paper towel tubes in a metallic color. A cinnamon scented broom was then placed inside the tubes which stimulated the sense of smell and brought forth memories of baking and the upcoming holidays. Everyone reminisced about the beauty of the fall season.

We invite you visit our community to crinkle, smooch, crunch, squish and enjoy Helga as much as we do!



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