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Signs To Watch For In Elderly Home Residents

Elderly Home Residents

Visiting Older Relatives this Holiday Season? Be sure to take notice of possible signs that a loved one may struggling. Observing the following warning signs might mean it’s time for a family discussion.


1. Confusion of calendar dates and conversational recall.

2. Extreme changes in mood.

3. Unkempt appearance or seasonally inappropriate clothing choices.

4. Changes in normal hygiene routines.

5. Late payment notices and paperwork clutter.

6. Expired foods in the fridge or cabinets.

7. Preferred isolation, wishing to avoid seeing family members or friends.

8. Dings and dents on the car doors, bumpers or mirrors.

9. Confusion and uncertainty when performing once-familiar tasks.

10. Low energy or sad temperament.

11. Forgetting to take medications.

12. Home in need of basic maintenance.

13. Loss of interest in activities and hobbies.

14. Poor diet or weight loss.

15. Trouble getting up from a seated position.

16. Unexplained bruises.

Elderly Home Residents

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