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Religious Beliefs In Elderly Communities


Keeping religion at the forefront in our communities is an important part of our resident’s daily lives. Inclusivity and acceptance of all religious observances is a practice we maintain and enjoy.

As we age maintaining religious beliefs, symbols and rituals can have a positive effect on wellbeing. Research has indicated that people who have faith and worship regularly tend to follow a healthier lifestyle and share life-lengthening social ties.

Religion helps to provide a positive and hopeful attitude about life and illness, those positive feelings have been shown to improve health outcomes and lower mortality rates. Religious traditions and practices lend a sense of meaning and purpose to life as well as social and family relationships.

Many elderly people report that religion is the most important factor in helping them to cope with physical health problems and life stresses. People who use religious coping mechanisms are less likely to develop depression and anxiety than those who do not. The most religious patients in a study of those with hip fractures, had the lowest rates of depression and were able to walk significantly further when discharged from the hospital than those who were less religious. Religious people in general tend to recover from bouts of depression more quickly.


Religious beliefs and practices often foster the development of community and broad social support networks. Increased social contact for the elderly increases the likelihood that disease will be detected early and they will comply with treatment regimens because members of their community interact with them and ask them questions about their health and medical care.

Having religious and spiritual ties in a multi-denominational community setting allows residents to share their beliefs with likeminded individuals as well as to learn about and respect different religious cultures.

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