Intergenerational Day Celebration

On February 21st we invited the children, grandchildren and other family members of our staff (including fur babies) to share in an intergenerational celebration.

Our recreation staff planned snacks and activities for young and old alike. Our residents and guests played balloon volleyball, participated in morning exercises, enjoyed a milk and cookie social and created a sensory based snowman in our Harbor House Community. Oyster Bay Manor engaged in yoga, enjoyed an impromptu ballet solo and played trivia games. Children read books and colored with our residents in both communities. They exchanged hugs, conversations and stories.

There are many benefits received from intergenerational relationships such as:

* Children growing up with less ageist ideals
* Preventing isolation and loneliness in older adults
* Learning from one another
* Building a stronger community
* Giving older adults a sense of purpose and helping younger generations have a greater respect for and value of older adults

Intergenerational relationships are beneficial for everyone involved physically, mentally and emotionally. Creative recreation activities like this truly make the difference in the lives our residents. We certainly witnessed the positive energy throughout Oyster Bay Senior Campus!

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