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Oyster Bay Senior Campus

Senior friends laughing

Why It’s Important to Make Friends in a Senior Living Community

Humans are social creatures. Interacting with people and building meaningful relationships is vital and fun for people of all ages. […]
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Elderly White Male Smoking a Cigarette

Assisted Living: How It Help Seniors Quit Smoking

It’s no secret that smoking cigarettes cause serious illnesses and even death. The risk of serious health problems for seniors […]
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Plate of sushi

Foods Seniors in Assisted Living Should Avoid

For seniors, enjoying the golden years of life should be a top priority. That means comfortable living, social engagement, plenty […]
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Art class in assisted living facility in Long Island

Winter Activities to Keep Seniors Busy in Assisted Living

The gray and dreary winter months can be enough to diminish anyone’s spirit. The shorter days, lack of sunshine, and […]
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Elderly man laughing in armchair

Ways of Maximizing Your Space in Senior Living

When the time comes to move into a senior living residence, there is often a need for considerable downsizing. One […]
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Caregiver taking woman’s blood pressure

5 Tips for Choosing the Right Senior Housing Facility

As people age, their ability to live independently begins to erode. There are many reasons this could happen. Physically, a […]
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