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Senior and nurse

Choosing a Senior Living Facility during a Health Crisis

The transition from independence to an assisted living situation can be difficult under normal circumstances. When your loved one faces […]
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Lunch Time

Top Qualities to Look for in Assisted Living

Are you currently looking for a senior living facility for a loved one? Most people want to live in their […]
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Friends talking

Senior Living: 5 Tips for Making New Friends

Maintaining friendships and having a small group of confidants is good for your health. Friendships offer a variety of health […]
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Being a Great Roommate in Assisted Living

Moving from their own home to an assisted living center can be a tough transition for most seniors. There are […]
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Caregiver taking woman’s blood pressure

5 Tips for Choosing the Right Senior Housing Facility

As people age, their ability to live independently begins to erode. There are many reasons this could happen. Physically, a […]
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Caregiver and elderly woman

Home Care for Seniors: A Bounty of Benefits

When it comes to taking care of an aging family member or loved one, you only want what’s best for […]
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Woman with senior woman in wheelchair

Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Senior Housing Facility

Choosing senior housing in NYC is a process that requires careful consideration for your needs, both now and in the […]
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Elderly Home Care

Top Considerations When Choosing a Home Care Provider

Most seniors want to stay at home as they age. This is perfectly understandable. People get comfortable in their surroundings, […]
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Adult with Older Parent Happy

Major Health Benefits of Senior Housing Facility

If you’re concerned about your parent or loved one living alone, it’s probably time to consider senior citizen housing in […]
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Nurse with elderly nursing home resident

Facts You Should Know about Assisted Living Facilities

Have you started looking at assisted living facilities in Long Island for your loved one? If so, it’s important to […]
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