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Being a Great Roommate in Assisted Living


Moving from their own home to an assisted living center can be a tough transition for most seniors. There are many reasons for this; however, for many seniors, one of the most challenging aspects of the move is living with roommates again. Most seniors have spent the majority of their adult lives living with their spouse, family, or by themselves. Getting accustomed to their new assisted living roomie can be difficult, but with the right attitude and a little preparation, it can be a very positive experience. Keep reading to learn a few tips to ease your loved one into this new stage of their life and help them to become a great roommate.

Make a Good First Impression

When move-in day comes around, most seniors are not thrilled to start. They may feel like they are leaving their old life behind, and they may be nervous about taking the next step. Though you cannot control how your loved one is feeling, try to gently remind them to keep a positive outlook. This will help them to make a good first impression on their new roomie and everyone else they meet on their first day. The people they meet on their first day could become their new friends, and how they act during the first meeting could impact those new relationships. Urge them to view this as an exciting new beginning and an opportunity to meet new people.

Discuss Privacy Preferences

Most Long Island assisted living communities have single and shared rooms available. Shared rooms are generally less expensive, and living with someone else can help to make them feel less alone. However, you should discuss these different options with your loved one and their privacy preferences. You want the senior in your life to feel comfortable in their new home. Even with a roommate, they can still enjoy their privacy. One of the first conversations your loved one should have with their new roommate should be about privacy and boundaries while in the suite together. You can eliminate a lot of tension by finding your loved one a roommate with a compatible lifestyle and privacy preferences.

Communicate Openly

The best way to avoid conflict is by communicating openly about their needs, preferences, and concerns. When a problem arises, two roomies should be able to have an open and respectful conversation about it. Ideally, they will be able to work out all issues on their own. However, in serious disagreements, they may need to talk to someone on the staff to mediate the argument.

Find Shared Interests and Participate in Community Activities

Your loved one’s roommate doesn’t just have to be the person they share a television with; they can also grow into a close friend. Encourage your senior to find hobbies and interests that they share with their roomie. Often, senior living centers host a lot of activities and events for the residents. This could include movie nights, live music, trips to local museums, and more. Encourage your loved one to take advantage of these fun activities and find a few that they can attend with their new roommate. It will provide the perfect opportunity to bond with them and maybe even make some more new friends, too.

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