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5 Tips for Choosing the Right Senior Housing Facility

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As people age, their ability to live independently begins to erode. There are many reasons this could happen. Physically, a person’s body can break down and make it harder to do things like clean the house or mow the lawn. Mentally, a person may be faced with forgetfulness, and worry about turning off the stove or taking medications. Socially, a person’s support network may get smaller as family and friends move away or pass on. Whatever the reason, when a person realizes that he or she needs more help, or the doctor recommends finding a place that can offer more than can be had at home, it’s time to find a good senior living facility.

Know What You Need

Some senior housing facilities may not allow pets. Some may have access to putting greens; others may have a great cafeteria and places to meet new people. Take an objective look at your life and what you need to be comfortable and happy, and find a senior living center that can meet your needs. As a person grows older, it’s important that he or she be able to practice his or her independence the best of their ability. A facility that helps people keep their independence will also provide for a better life experience and help the person keep his or her self-worth high.

Know the Location

Not all locations are created equal. You may want to be closer to family or closer to the place where you’ve lived for the last several years. You may prefer a beach nearby or the feel of the city. There may be certain activities you love that require a specific field. Wherever it is you feel most comfortable, make sure you have access to it later in life.

Know Your Budget

Chances are that you have a limited budget. If you choose a senior housing facility that is more than your budget can handle, you could face eviction and homelessness. Limited incomes rarely change as quickly as people would like. Be sure you know what you can afford, and that the facility can help you maintain your budget and your lifestyle.

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Evaluate Your Choices

When you have your choices whittled down to four or five senior housing facilities, you need to decide which will meet your needs best. Check with the Better Business Bureau, look at online ratings, and find out what qualifications the facilities have for senior care. If there seems to be a few or several that meet your needs equally, it’s time to schedule a tour of the place.

Take a Tour

Nothing will tell you more about a living facility than a tour. As long as you’re observant and have a list of questions to ask, a tour can give you the insight you need to make the right choice in senior housing. When you or a family member need senior housing in NYC, it’s easy to apply the above tips and find a place that will suit your or your family member’s needs. Contact us at Oyster Bay Senior Campus and set up an appointment to come see our senior living facility today!

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